Rojo: the new series sensation from the creator of Casa de Papel

Throughout the multiple confinements we've endured, we've been able to count on the release of several films and series to lift our spirits.

 A series under the leadership of Alex Pina

You surely remember him, the creator of the successful series "la cassa de Papel". A series that has met with great success since its release. Could this also be the case with his new series?

Rojo, "red sky" in French, is a Spanish series created by Alex Pina, which plunges into the tumultuous world of prostitution. Through its 8 episodes of 25 to 30 minutes, a format shorter than that of Casa de Papel, the series tells the story or rather the story of 3 girls sex workers.


Originally from Spain, Cuba or Argentina, these three girls decided to take the powder following an incident on their workplace, the club Las Novias. From there begins a real manhunt where the watchword for our 3 young girls is survival. Sex, violence, murder, the combo that promises you strong sensations for sure.

ongly interrupted by the covid, the shooting which took place in Spain, in particular in Tenerife, was able to give birth to a first season released on March 19, 2021 already available on Netflix for the greatest happiness of viewers. A second season would already be ordered by Netflix.

 Which characters for this series

headlining, we find the beautiful LaliEspósito in the role of Wendy, Yanni Prado in that of Gina and Verónica Sànchez in that of Coral. These are the young girls on horseback. We also find José Manuel Poga, known in Casa de Papel, in the role of Gandia and Miguel Angel Silvestre, known for his role in Sense8. This series is really worth the detour.