SIGGRAPH: The second virtual edition of the seminar scheduled from 9 to 13 April

SIGGRAPH: Special Interest Group on Computer GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques is an American seminar on computer graphics. At this seminar, some graphic design courses are held and new products in the field are presented. It is considered a major event in the digital image industry.

About the event

Organised by the SIGGRAPH of the ACM, the first edition took place in 1974. It welcomes many professionals and experts in computer-aided image design.

Since 2009, a second annual SIGGRAPH conference is held in Asia; SIGGRAPH Asia. However, the Asian version of this event will take place at the end of the year.

Like last year, SIGGRAPH 2021 will be an online conference for all participants. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic that is currently sweeping the globe.

A boon for professionals

Being a crossroads of graphic design professionals of all kinds, SIGGRAPH is a field of opportunities for each of the actors.

As a result, professionals looking for financing present their achievements in such a way as to impress many. On the other hand, investors looking for projects to invest in, observe the best presentations in order to choose the gold mine among them.

It is also a sure way for professionals to gain knowledge and popularity. Indeed, at this conference, the designers of graphic design software come to present the latest achievements in the field of computer-aided production. Software updates are presented to graphic designers who are the primary users.

It is also an opportunity for graphic designers to talk about their expectations and needs for future professional software updates. They are therefore sure that their message will reach the developers of the various software.

To sum up, SIIGGRAPH is an opportunity for the entire computer graphics production community, from developers to investors to professional designers.